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Why you Should Use Electrical Solar Panels

home-solar-panel1-300x225[1]Admittedly, solar panels have been around for a while. For the longest time they were little more than an experimental novelty best reserved for large solar farms and labs. But technology has recently progressed to the point where they can help you save money!

They don’t create any of the pollution you’d have to deal with when burning wood or natural gas, and they can also look quite attractive if arranged and implemented properly. They’re also good for the environment! You can learn more about them here thanks to the RB Grant Electrical Contractors Blog:

Why should we use electrical solar panels ?
Solar panels have been around for a while now . Burning fossil fuels to produce energy does not do the environment any good , one of the best solutions to this is to install photovoltaic solar panels to generate our own electricity .

Electric solar panels use PV cells or photovoltaic to transform the suns energy into electricity. The solar panel is made from crystalline silicon, photons from the sun strike the silicon and electricity is generated using the photovoltaic effect. The electricity can then be used to power lights and house hold appliances.

There are two main reason to install solar pv panels: economic and environmental. Most people invest in solar panels for the economic reason , solar panels will increase the value of your property and lower your energy bills; Installing solar panel for your property can lower your energy bills by around 40% . It is also possible to make money from your solar panels by selling excess electricity back to the grid. Or you can store energy for a rainy day or if it is needed. Solar energy is environmentally friendly as they do not pollute the earth with pollutants like Carbon Dioxide.

Before installing solar panels there are several things you need to consider. Solar panels are relatively heavy, you will need to be sure that your roof is strong enough to carry their weight. To get your roof checked properly consult a construction specialist for an assessment. You will also need to make sure there is a direct path for sunlight to hit the solar panel i.e. no buildings, trees or structures blocking the sunlight. This allows you to capture the highest amount of sunlight to generate electricity. Planning permission may also be needed for an installation, so contact your local council or planning authority for permission.

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